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I should really forget about this.



Fucking hell. Auden and a quality actor = probably the most memorable scene from all 90s British film.

That new new


Now has tumblr. He told me he was gonna make this happen, I’m looking forward to seeing how it progresses, I would love to see certain things, but I know he reads this so I don’t want to taint his creativity with my own lack of.


Excited for the show.

Yelawolf is swell



99 problems

So broke! Teeth needed money spent (and still need much more) and my Legnum is due both a warrant of fitness, and a general tidy-up. To be honest, I’m a bit over it as a daily driver. It’s got good power and doesn’t use too much gas, but it’s boring as all hell, and fairly uninspiring.


I’ve got a bit of money saved away, and am seriously thinking about buying something older, RWD and with a bit of character.

I’ve been following Racer86’s blog for a wee while now, which can be found here, and noted he’s recently procured a tidy E30 BMW. Now, I know what you’re thinking “E30’s are NOT rare, and are definately not exciting.”

I’d agree

Clean and functional

But as the above photo demonstrates, they can look great with a little work, and I think they’re quite a striking wee vehicle pre-modification.

They’re cheap too. A decent, tidy example can be had for less than 2k if you shop around. Add to that stunning reliability and a swollen after-market scene, and it starts to make sense. I’m not too keen on an old, old car for a daily driver. I’ve done that, and though fun, isn’t really suited to business shirts and dress pants.

The above ticks a lot of my prerequisites, but I’d be keen to hear what others think. God knows I need a few comments.

Where and why

Been an intense couple weeks. Back to work, working from home at nights, partying hard as hell on the weekends, biking everywhere and just loving summer.


This is Czepta’s first shirt. Gobsmacked= me. So stoked I got this. I cannot imagine what he’s going to produce in the near future

Here’s the original I got from Alchemist.

Here is where I spent my time off. Waihi beach, beachfront. So much driving around this year, but the Legnum gobbled it up, even if it is a bit worse-for-wear at the moment. photo courtesy of The Alchemist.

Biked around heaps. That’s the finished Raleigh I prepared for Alc. Rides okay, brakes aren’t great though.

Epic sunset is epic.


Pity I didn’t take more photos really.

I’ve got a new laptop and am rustling up some nice renders for people at the moment. Alchemist’s place has blown out, is getting really full-on, is challenging my brain immensely.

Here’s a quicky I did for a client.


Word, will try and update more with my ramblings

Alchemy delivers

The Alchemist stopped by today with a special gift for me, and for a really cool reason.

He’s given me an original, 1 0f 1, print, framed and all. I was pretty blown away and very humbled to be honest. It’s around-about A2 sized and in a simple thin, black frame. I’ll pop a pic up at some stage, it’s straight above my bed and serves as a great means to begin a change-around of my room, where I spend a great deal of time. He told me that it was for “always believing”, which is probably fair comment, but as any poor fellow who keeps tabs on this blog knows, I’m excited by his stuff. It’s just natural to support what excites you.

He and I went away on holiday with a few of our good friends during the NY break and had some great discussions. As similar as we are in terms of artistic integrity and individualism, he truly makes me feel amateurish in regards to thinking “outside the square”. I asked him to draw up his idea of a fortress for a mob leader or owner of an evil corporation, and his was so totally left-field, I was left feeling rather stupid with my attempts. Mine all adhered to Architectural norms and looked essentially like any large industrial block. His entailed sub-terran ability during the day, defense mechanisms, multiple towers and took on the appearance of horns protruding from the land. I should scan them and chuck them on here.

In any case, I’ve decided to begin designing a house/studio for him, based on what my idea of what he would need is. I’m excited by it and hope to have something to show him by end-January. In the meantime, I’m loving Summer and looking forward to exploring new parts of my mind with someone to bounce ideas off.

What an absolutely brilliant time to be alive, and all the better for being aware of that fact.

The Grid

 The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they traveled through the computer. Ships, motorcycles. With the circuits like freeways. I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see. And then, one day… I got in